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We, at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, hope everyone and their families are staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. We are in this together, and we will get through it all, stronger and more resilient than ever. 

Honoring our first responders.

In the spirit of World Health Day, we’d like to honor the first responders who are risking their lives to treat and care for the victims of COVID-19. It is because of their sacrifice and determination, that our communities are able to maintain health and stability during this incredibly fragile time. We should all be mindful and try to follow our governor’s orders, so that we keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our dedicated healthcare workers safe. 

COVID-19 does have skin manifestations that can occur with it. So as first responders for the skin, it’s our responsibility to treat skin problems you may experience as a result of the virus.

Protecting your skin during this pandemic.

As we continue to regularly wash our hands to prevent spreading the virus, we should remember to frequently moisturize them as well. Washing often is an effective form of prevention, however doing so removes excess oil that our skin relies on. This results in poor skin care, with irritated, dried, or cracked skin. If you experience this, try applying unscented, heavy moisturizer cream or petrolatum products (not lotions) to your hands. These skin care products contain humectants and oils that increase hydration, and heal wounds caused by irritation.  

Another preventative measure our society has begun to take is wearing masks in public settings. Both disposable and washable masks carry the risk of skin irritation to your face, especially when tight fitting. The first step of prevention is continuing your skin care routine.  Cleansing and moisturizing your face twice a day, removes germs and hydrates your skin. The second step is remembering to throw away disposable masks after long usage, and to clean washable ones when needed. 

In the event of irritation, try applying a barrier moisturizing cream before and after applying the mask. Heavy creams such as Aquaphor or Petroleum Jelly are an ideal form of treatment. The material of your mask may also be contributing to your skin reactions. To treat this, try changing the fabric of your mask to help calm the inflammation. If this does not work, you may need an allergy patch test, which we can do for you in-office. This will allow us to identify any allergies you may have to the fabric or straps of the mask.

Remembering to protect yourself from the sun.

While under quarantine, we’re all looking for windows of opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air. But while we may rush to take in the breeze or soak up some sun, we can’t forget to take caution against harmful UV rays. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen 15 minutes before exposure, with extra care to your ears. They are commonly-forgotten and burn easily. Additionally, you may also want to wear clothing such as hats and long sleeves for extra protection from the sun.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office! We are here for all your skin care needs, even in these trying times of living in quarantine. We are your community, and we are here to help you look and feel your best.

Most importantly, our estheticians are available for product consultations, and Dr. Walia is available for telemedicine appointments.

Call Aesthetic & Dermatology Center today at (301) 610-0663 to schedule your appointment! 

All of the information in this blog are for informational purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice. Always speak to your board-certified dermatologist before starting or stopping a treatment plan. To learn more about how this information can and cannot be used, see our site disclaimer.