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At Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, we hope everyone is staying with their loved ones and being safe during this pandemic. While you may feel cooped up, anxious, frustrated, and even scared, you don’t just have to sit and wait for this to pass. In fact, you shouldn’t. Your mental health is essential to getting through this incredibly difficult time. Take this time to reflect, enjoy watching the flowers and trees bloom, and take care of yourself. Right now, now more than ever, taking care of yourself first will help take care of everyone around you. We wanted to offer up some skincare tips to keep in mind and consider while you’re filling your time during this period of social distancing.

Restart your wellness routine, but don’t forget your sunscreen.

While we’re all stuck at home, it might be the perfect time to restart your wellness routine—maybe recommit to a New Year’s Resolution? Just because we need to keep a 6-foot distance between ourselves and other people doesn’t mean that we can’t run, walk, jog, and hike. If you have kids, take them outside to play in the yard. But, don’t forget your sunscreen.

You might have more time to spend walking your dog, playing with the kids, or drinking iced tea on the patio, but every time you tan or burn, the radiation from the sun’s rays can damage your DNA, increasing your risk of skin cancer. Nothing is so bad that it can’t be good for something. Enjoy this beautiful springtime weather outside, but make sure you do it safely: at a distance and with proper sun protection.

Reassess your skincare routine

Have you been having any issues with your skincare products? Or maybe you just wish that your products were producing better results? This might be the best time to try out a new routine! You’ll have more time at home and more time to spend developing a new routine. This is a really uncertain time for all of us, and taking any amount of self-care is essential. If you’ve been meaning to try new products or enhance your skincare, now is the time—schedule a teleconsult with Aesthetic & Dermatology Center!

We know that these are concerning and uncertain times. But, social distancing does not mean that you have to distance yourself from your self-care. In fact, using this time to get closer to yourself and be more in touch with who you are, your strength, your beauty, and your ability to care for your community can be an excellent use of this time of social distancing. We can all come out of this stronger and better, and even feeling better about ourselves.

For an appointment or skincare consultation, call our office! We’re here for all of your skin health needs, even in these trying and socially isolating times. We are your community, and we are here to help you feel and look your best so that you can truly be your best.

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