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Dr. Green is among the first dermatologists in the nation to exclusively provide Qwo®. This treatment is the first and only clinically proven and FDA-approved injectable treatment that specifically targets and eliminates cellulite in adult women. 

Dr. Green, an internationally recognized leader in medical and aesthetic dermatology treatments, has been speaking at national and international conferences preparing physicians to use  Qwo®  for several years, and because he is among its earliest users, he is also a preeminent expert in performing  Qwo® treatments.  

Qwo®  is an injectable prescription medicine that works by breaking down the thickened collagen and fibrous strings that hold cellulite together with an enzyme called Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum. The injection specifically targets and dissolves cellulite on the buttocks, and has a long-lasting formula.

Qwo® is the only FDA approved injectable cellulite treatment. Patients experience little to no pain or downtime, and all adult women, regardless of weight, that are looking to get rid of cellulite on their buttocks may be a good candidate for this innovative treatment. Typically, patients may need to return two more times about three weeks apart for best results. 

To see Qwo® in action and its amazing results, visit Dr. Green’s Instagram page @dr.lawrencegreen.

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