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Many stores and pharmacies around the country offer sections dedicated to skincare products for almost every condition and many of these products may be “recommended” by dermatologists. Some may be effective in keeping your skin smooth, safe from the sun, moisturized, and hydrated. However, no matter what your goals are, these over-the-counter products cannot give as good results as prescription-grade products that we carry in our office.

Experience and Professionally Focused Recommendations are the Key

Even though some consumer store-bought skincare products have strengths and may help your skin, there are so many of them and it’s hard to know what will work best for your skin. And many consumer skincare products say they can do everything for your skin, but how do you know how they exactly help, and what is the science behind their skincare results?

That’s where your board-certified dermatologist and their aestheticians come in to help. They uniquely have the experience and knowledge to focus medical grade skin products and procedures directly on how to make your skin look its best. And the medical/prescription grade skincare products and procedures they recommend are vetted in scientific research that is most often published in medical journals. They do the research for you, so you get focused results meant specifically for your skin. This way you are not wasting your money on products that aren’t best for you.

To see Dr. Green discuss the best and worst skincare products available at your local stores and pharmacies, follow his Instagram page @dr.lawrencegreen.

Why See a Board Certified Dermatologist?

We believe that every patient knows and understands their body and skin, but the overwhelming number of consumer-based skincare products out there makes it confusing and difficult to figure out what will work best for you. Your board-certified dermatologist and their aesthetician are trained to listen to you and learn about your skin so they take what you say and apply it to create a unique medical-grade skincare product (with or without procedures) that gets your skin looking its best. 

When you seek professional consultation, your board-certified dermatologist can also pinpoint which procedures are perfect for your unique condition, be it an aesthetic treatment like RHA fillers or Botox®, or a laser treatment like LaseMD™ or VBeam® Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser. All of these treatments are administered by only a board-certified dermatologist (and not an unqualified professional) and will give you expertly performed results. 

In-person visits with dermatologists also offer patients the ability to have a cosmetic consultation which allows for a professional esthetician or dermatologist to examine the current state of your skin and recommend non-surgical treatments to help you reach your aesthetic goals and give you the beautiful skin you deserve.

For effective skin care treatments, call (301) 610-0663 to request a consultation with Dr. Sunny Walia or  Dr. Lawrence Green at the Aesthetic and Dermatology Center today.