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Laser Skin Treatments

About Laser Treatments

If you would like to either prevent aging or are looking for natural anti-aging techniques, please read on!  Patients currently living with wrinkles or wish to prevent wrinkles, suffer from acne or surgical scarring, uneven texture, or a lack of skin elasticity, may benefit from our laser skin treatments. Our laser fellowship-trained, board-certified dermatologist at the Aesthetic and Dermatology Center is an expert in both preventative treatments and can recommend laser treatments for skin rejuvenation and photodamage. Dr. Walia wishes for you to think of the Aesthetic and Dermatology Center as a “one-stop-shop”. Not only do we address your medical dermatology needs and concerns, but we can also address topical skincare and your anti-aging needs.  


Professional Treatments You Can Trust with Dr. Walia

Dr. Walia completed a one-year laser fellowship following her dermatology medical residency where she studied the science behind lasers, how they work, why they work (and in what settings to use), and how to operate them safely and effectively along with the various ways they interact with the skin. With over  20 years of experience, she has mastered the art of performing laser treatments, sometimes in tandem with other treatments such as Botox® and topical skincare regimens to provide her patients with skin rejuvenation techniques tailored to their individual needs. Dr. Walia is driven by her personal experience and understanding that how one looks on the outside drives how one feels on the inside. Lasers and other medical devices can improve skin elasticity, tighten areas of the skin whether it be on the face or body,  reduce photodamage in the form of blood vessels and sunspots, and enhance the overall appearance and feel of the skin, its texture. Dr. Walia’s expertise and friendly demeanor puts one at ease immediately. She truly listens to your concerns and devises a treatment plan to fit your lifestyle that you are comfortable with. Your trust in her is not something she takes lightly.  


Our Lasers/Devices 

At the Aesthetic and Dermatology Center, we offer multiple different laser treatments and devices for various skin concerns. Dr. Walia uses Lase MD nonablative resurfacing, Genius microneedling and radiofrequency technology, and VBEAM Perfecta pulsed dye lasers for photorejuvenation.  To learn which laser/device is best for your skin, schedule an initial laser consultation with Dr. Walia where she will thoroughly examine the condition of your skin, and discuss your goals. Depending on your individual skin concerns and treatment goals, there are several different treatment options with varying sessions, tandem treatments, and post-laser care. Dr. Walia will walk you through the entire process and ensure that the laser and treatments chosen meet your goals and expectations.