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How you feel about yourself is priceless. That said, we know that everyone seems to find time to spend helping others at the expense of helping themselves. However, it’s important not to forget to invest in yourself, as it is worth every penny. When you invest in yourself, particularly in your health, skincare, and beauty, you should be protecting your investment. That is, you should speak with a board-certified dermatologist and clinical aesthetician to make sure that you are making the right investment and getting the most out of it. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and your board-certified dermatologist will help give you beautiful, glowing, and younger-looking skin that is also healthy.

You’re investing in your skin health

You can get a facial or a cosmetic procedure at many places; however, unless you visit your board certified dermatologist, you’re not guaranteed to be making the choices that are going to benefit your overall skin health and are going to help treat any underlying skin conditions or concerns. Getting beautiful skin shouldn’t be your only goal; healthy skin is beautiful skin. 

You’re boosting your self confidence

Investing in cosmetic dermatology will improve your self-confidence by giving you the skin you’ve always wanted and treating any areas that you are unhappy with—whether it’s a skin brightness or tightness problem, cosmetic dermatology will improve how you feel about yourself. Talking to your dermatologist and the clinical aesthetician at your board-certified dermatologist’s office is the absolute best way to make sure you’re getting the right physician-grade treatments and medical-grade products that will actually help you reach your goals and get the glowing skin you really want. 

Cosmetic procedures

Investing in cosmetic dermatology isn’t just about Botox and fillers. At Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, we offer cosmetic and aesthetician treatments that can give you the skin health and appearance that will give you the skin you’ve always wanted, the confidence boost your deserve, and the skin health that you can be proud of. 

  • Laser treatment 
  • Microneedling with PRP
  • Dermaplaning 
  • Spider vein and red spot removal
  • Kybella to remove chin fat
  • Laser hair removal 
  • Earlobe repair 
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • Hydrafacial 
  • Facials and facial masks
  • Unwanted skin growth removal
  • Unwanted skin growth surgery

It’s not enough to go to a spa and get a facial. While these are wonderfully relaxing treatments, they don’t offer you the same skin health benefits that working directly with your dermatologist’s office provides. 

Making the investment

We know that taking care of your skin’s health and looking great isn’t covered by your health insurance. However, an investment in your skin is an investment in your overall happiness and quality of life. You can typically use your HSA to help with the cost, or, at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, we offer a VIP Membership that gives you 10% off products and cosmetic treatments for a small annual fee. 

Investing in your skin health and beauty at your board-certified dermatologist’s office is an investment in your self-confidence. What is that worth to you? 

Visit your board-certified dermatologist 

Your board-certified dermatologist is the best place to get advice about how you can get beautiful, healthy skin that will improve your quality of life. If you’re ready to reach your cosmetic goals and guarantee your skin health as a part of the process, call Aesthetic & Dermatology Center today at (301) 610-0663 to reserve your consultation! 

All of the information in this blog are for informational purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice. Always speak to your board-certified dermatologist before starting or stopping a treatment plan. To learn more about how this information can and cannot be used, see our site disclaimer.