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The Future of Sun Protection, Inclusivity in Dermatology, and the Impact of the Environment on Skin

Hear Dr. Green on The Dermatologist podcast during AAD 2022 as he speaks on the future of sun protection for patients, how the AAD is working to expand inclusivity in the field of dermatology, and the impact the environment can have on skin. Listen here!

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The Truth About Acne and Psoriasis

Dr. Green was featured on the National Psoriasis Foundation’s podcast where he discussed the differences between acne and psoriasis, and the available treatments for patients and consumers alike. Listen to it here!

Advocacy Opportunities in Dermatology

Listen to Dr. Green on The Dermatologist podcast as he shares how dermatologists can get involved in advocacy efforts for the specialty.

Moving past the pandemic:
How we handled our first COVID-19 case

Quote from Dr. Green

Dr. Lawrence Green shares how he is managing his business during the COVID -19 pandemic. He also talks about his experience in successfully handling the situation with a confirmed COVID -19 patient in his office.

Dr. Green and Esther Freeman discuss the latest findings from the COVID-19 Dermatology registry for The Dermatologist in “Long-Haulers and Chilblains: Findings from the COVID-19 Registry with Dr. Freeman.

Dr. Green interviewed the world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Mark Lebwohl. The two discuss psoriasis and Dr. Lebwohl’s impact on pivotal topical therapy trials. You can listen to it here.

Dr. Green interviewed Kristi Hawley, DO, for The Dermatologist discussing strategies for selecting treatment options for patients with obesity and psoriasis, as well as patients at risk for cardiometabolic disease. You can listen to it here.

Dr. Green recently interviewed April Armstrong, MD for The Dermatologist on associations between patient satisfaction with their physicians and mental health among patients with psoriasis. You can listen to it here. 

In part 2 of his interview with April Armstrong, MD, for The Dermatologist, Dr. Green discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health among patients with psoriasis, as well as clinicians. You can listen to it here.

Dr. Green recorded a podcast for The Dermatologist offering tips to treat psoriasis. You can listen to it here. 

Dr. Green recently recorded a podcast for The Dermatologist about treating psoriasis with biologics. You can listen to it here.