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 When you walk down the skin care aisle of your local pharmacy, there are hundreds of possible skin care products to purchase, many of which are exfoliants. You may have also heard some conflicting tips online about what times are best to exfoliate and how often you should be doing it. But what’s fact and what’s fiction?

Exfoliating the skin is the process of removing dead skin cells from the top most layer of skin on your face. This can be done with exfoliating creams. masks, or cleansers and helps to unclog your pores and brighten your complexion. 

All skin is unique, so your needs may be different than others, but as a rule of thumb, over-exfoliation can be harmful and damaging to the skin. 

Harmful Effects of Over Exfoliation

Too much exfoliating can cause your skin to become sensitized, creating a more irritable, red, and dry complexion. You may cause long term trauma by using products that are too abrasive as aggressive treatments can break the blood vessels in your skin and cause permanent redness. 

Over exfoliation can also cause dehydration and dryness which can lead to chronic inflammation, including acne! Most dermatologists like Dr. Green agree that you should only exfoliate as much as you need to help remove dead skin cells without destroying your delicate protective skin barrier. The amount of exfoliation you need can be determined when you talk with our skin care experts, like Dr Green, Dr Walia, or licensed aesthetician.

If you’re looking for daily facial care, gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens are the recommended products to use. Your ideal exfoliant and how much you need to exfoliate will be determined after consultation with one of our expert physicians or aesthetician.

Recommended Exfoliation and Skin Care

If you are searching for exfoliating skin care treatment options, Dr. Green offers the perfect solutions right at the Aesthetic and Dermatology Center!


  • Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment which exfoliates the skin in a quick, effective, and noninvasive manner. This treatment encourages cellular turnover and also removes peach fuzz, oil, and dirt. This treatment also allows your topical skincare products to absorb more effectively so you aren’t wasting as much product!

Microdermabrasion and Hydrafacial

  • These treatments use suction as well as crystals or serums to deeply clean the pores and resurface the texture of the skin. They are customizable and are gentle enough to be used on the sensitive areas around the eyes, as well as face, neck, arms, chest, and hands.

Chemical Peels

  • Chemical Peel treatments involve applying a controlled acid to the surface of your skin which acts as a gentle exfoliator. This treatment will help with scars, reduce the fine lines of your face, and give your skin an overall smoother texture and appearance. Chemical Peels are also great for treating pigmentation irregularities like melasma.

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