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After image taken 2 weeks after the patient’s first treatment.  Notice the lifting of her cheeks and the softening of her nasolabial folds (laugh lines)!

Suffering from acne scars? Looking for a non-invasive skin tightening treatment? Want the confidence that comes when you feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin?

Then the Genius™ treatment is the perfect skin solution for you!

The Genius™ treatment uses a microneedling device coupled with radiofrequency (heat) in one platform that is used to tighten and firm the skin, specifically around the face, jawline, upper arms, inner thighs, chest, abdomen, and neck, and can also be used to treat rampant acne scars. Because the needle is sleek and smooth and with our additional cooling, the injections are made tolerable and with minimal pain. The procedure truly is color blind, safe for all skin types. 

This treatment:

  • Stimulates not only new collagen but also elastin to firm skin, excellent for jowls and tightening  
  • Rejuvenates neck and chest 
  • Wrinkles and lines especially concentric lines on cheeks 
  • Exceptional for acne scars and other surgical scars 
  • Improves pore size

During treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied 90 minutes before the procedure, and in most cases, healing occurs within three days to a week. Depending on your age and what is being targeted, anywhere from 1-3 treatments will be required. Dr. Sunny recommends that three treatments should be spaced a minimum of 7 weeks apart. 

The Genius™ microneedling device can be combined with several different types of treatments that we offer at the Aesthetic and Dermatology Center. Botox®, in particular, can be paired with this treatment as the Genius™ sets the foundation needed for Botox® in targeting non-movement associated wrinkles/lines, as Botox targets movement associated lines. It can also be coupled with fillers, but Dr. Sunny recommends fillers to be done if needed after completion of the treatment series.  

This treatment has become so popular that Dr. Walia has added it to her TotalSkin Solution™ full-body skin treatment to help tighten the skin and rebuild the foundation of the skin.

 Just hear what this satisfied patient had to say!

“…Also over the past year, the latest treatment I’ve tried is their Genius Laser RF Microneedling. This procedure is remarkable how it has lifted/tightened my skin, reduced fine lines, and pore size (with no downtime). I truly can’t recommend this caring and knowledgeable doctor any higher for not only rosacea sufferers but also anyone looking to reverse skin aging…” -PC

For more skincare tips and treatment recommendations and to see the Genius™ treatment in action, follow Dr. Walia on Instagram: @dr.sunnywalia.

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