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Feeling beautiful in your skin is a right that everyone deserves to experience at every age and during every stage of their life, and having healthy skin is the best way to feel beautiful.

As one of the preeminent dermatologic laser surgeons in the DMV area, Dr. Sunny Walia MD FAAD, can help you achieve your skin goals with her Lase MD™ treatment.

Lase MD™

If you are looking to minimize your sunspots, photodamage, melasma, or fine lines,  Lase MD™ may be the treatment you’ve been searching for.

This treatment targets superficial layers of the skin and creates micro-channels in the skin with minimal disruption of the first layer. These micro-channels are then used to deliver ampoules of healing products into the dermis while leaving bridges of untouched tissue alone to help streamline the healing process. (in a process called LADD, laser-assisted drug delivery). 

Lase MD™ is highly versatile and gentle on the skin, so it can be used to treat not only the face, but also the chest, neck, hands, and other areas of the body. On average, most patients see the best results after four treatment sessions, and almost every skin type, and the color is a candidate for LaseMD ™ treatment. Easier modalities or settings can be used for darker skin types. The best part is that this treatment can be tailored to have minimal downtime (can be a lunchtime procedure), remove potential sun damage from the summer months, and provide you with a fresh look for the upcoming holiday season!

Lase MD™ can also be used in tandem with the VBeam®, a pulsed dye laser specifically designed to target red areas that can result from cumulative exposure to the sun without adequate protection. VBeam® technology delivers rapid bursts of gentle light wavelengths to the skin which are absorbed selectively by blood vessels of the skin to improve the appearance of any other red photodamaged areas whether it be on the face, neck, or chest.   

This “liquid gold” combination procedure effectively removes red areas of photodamage with our VBeam® and our fractional non-ablative laser, Lase MD™ can remove brown spots and fine lines. Both resurface the skin for a healthy, rejuvenated look. 

For more skincare tips and treatment recommendations, follow Dr. Walia’s Instagram page @dr.sunnywalia.

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