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The DermTech Smart Sticker is a non-invasive skin patch that uses DNA Technology to search a mole on your body for genes that are found in melanoma cancers. We have been using this advanced DermTech technology at the Aesthetic & Dermatology Center since 2019. The smart sticker is applied and rubbed on the skin. No cutting or biopsy of the skin is done. Through rubbing the skin alone, the DermTech sticker obtains a DNA sample from the mole on your skin that is then sent to the DermTech lab for analysis. The DermTech lab takes your mole’s DNA and checks it for DNA that is normally found in melanoma cancers, then issues a report to Dr Green or Dr Walia This is a helpful tool that can potentially save you from undergoing unnecessary biopsies for spots that may look suspicious. By analyzing whether the spot has any abnormal genetic changes, DermTech can provide valuable feedback to determine if the mole needs to be removed or not.  

Why choose DermTech Smart Sticker?

If you want peace of mind about your mole without having to worry about biopsing or excising it, the DermTech smart sticker offers an advanced way of finding out if your mole is dangerous. As Dr. Lawrence Green explains, this new method uses a highly specialized smart sticker that lifts cells off the surface of your mole. The DNA in the cells from your mole are then analyzed for markers that could indicate the likelihood of melanoma using cutting edge technology by looking within your genes. This is a newer tool in the fight against unusual melanoma cancer, as it could help us detect the disease without having to cut and potentially leave a scar on your skin   Washingtonian Top Doctors 2021 - Dr. Walia

How does DermTech Smart Sticker work?

The patch is placed and rubbed on the surface of a suspicious mole or skin lesion. The patch is then sent to the DermTech lab where the DNA from your mole (that adhered to the patch collected) is compared with DNA known to be present in melanoma cancer. If the analysis reveals any concerning changes, we will then suggest a biopsy or complete removal of the mole. The goal of the Smart Sticker is to provide an easy, accurate, and non-invasive way to detect the potential a mole may have for melanoma cancer, potentially leading to earlier diagnosis and better outcomes for patients.

Who is the candidate?

The DermTech Smart Sticker test is perfect for anyone who wants to identify if they have unusual skin moles or melanoma.

Is DermTech Smart Sticker safe?

The DermTech Smart Sticker is designed to collect cellular material from your skin in a noninvasive way. Overall, the Smart Sticker is designed to be a safe and convenient way to collect the cellular material needed for analysis without the need for invasive procedures. Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule your DermTech Smart Sticker test today and take the first step towards a healthier future!