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Skin Growth Removal

As we age, our skin naturally changes. Skin growths are sometimes a part of the natural changes that our skin goes through. If you have a skin growth, it is always important to make sure it isn’t cancerous. However, whether benign or cancerous, skin growth removal surgery may be an option for you. If your mole, cyst, or growth is getting in the way of you loving the skin you’re in, then it’s time to take back your confidence.

Skin growths naturally appear on our skin, and most people will develop at least one skin growth throughout the course of their life. For some people, these growths can be in unsightly or in uncomfortable places. You don’t have to settle for a growth that makes you uncomfortable.

Dr. Lawrence Green at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center specializes in advanced skin surgical techniques and is currently a board member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, is considered a surgical expert of skin cancer removal, and teaches at George Washington University about best practices and techniques in skin surgery. At Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, you can be confident you’re getting the best care possible.

If you experience any abnormal changes to your skin, you should always seek medical attention. Although most skin changes and growths are benign, it is essential to tend to any cancerous legions or growths early.

Types of Skin Growths

  • Skin cancer
  • Moles
  • Cysts
  • Skin tags

Removing Skin Growths

The purpose of skin growth removal surgery, whether for benign growths or skin cancer, is to remove the growth with as little disturbance to the surrounding skin as possible.

As an out-patient, minimally invasive procedure, your skin growth removal surgery will happen in our office. Dr. Green takes care to remove the growth while achieving exceptional cosmetic results for his patients.

Skin cancer

Getting a yearly skin cancer screening is the best way to ensure that skin cancer is caught early, and early treatment is the best way to ensure success in treating skin cancer. At Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, Dr. Green screens for skin cancer and does skin cancer removal surgery.

If Dr. Green suspects that you do have skin cancer, he will likely biopsy the suspicious area. If your biopsy comes back positive, he will recommend that you have the cancerous tissue removed. As an expert in skin surgery, Dr. Green will cut around the cancerous tissue to completely remove it and a minimal amount of surrounding skin to ensure that all of the cancerous tissue is removed. After the tissue is removed, Dr. Green will stitch the surrounding skin together, achieving expert cosmetic results.

Since Dr. Green is a surgical expert in skin cancer removal surgery, he can expertly diagnose and remove your skin cancer in the office at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center.

Mole Removal

Many people have at least one mole. Generally, moles are not cause for concern. However, if you see any new moles or any existing moles that start changing shape, size, or color, it is important to have your mole checked by Dr. Green. Most of the time moles are benign, or not cancerous. While not all moles have to be removed, some people choose to remove unsightly or bothersome moles.

If you have a mole that you either need or want removed, Dr. Green will numb the area and use a scalpel to remove the mole and a minimal amount of surrounding skin. Once the mole is removed, he will suture the incision with the intent of leaving the smallest scar possible. Dr. Green is a leading expert in skin surgery, and he continuously achieves optimal cosmetic results during mole removal procedures.

Cyst Removal

Benign epidermoid cysts can form under the skin as a result of built-up keratin, a protein in your skin, underneath a pocket in your skin. Oftentimes, epidermoid cysts look like pimples or little balls that you can move around, but they don’t go away. While sometimes Basil Cell Carcinoma can look like a cyst, they are not the same thing. If you have a cyst that you are concerned about, come see Dr. Lawrence Green at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center.

Benign epidermoid cysts, while they can be bothersome and make some people self-conscious, are not dangerous. If you choose to have your cyst removed, this quick outpatient procedure will give you your confidence back.

During cyst removal surgery, Dr. Green will numb the surrounding area and use a small scalpel to remove the cyst. Depending on the size of the cyst you are having removed, your scar will be inconspicuous and almost invisible. As a leading expert in skin surgery, your surgical wound will be repaired and stitched such that you have the smallest possible scar.

Why Remove a Skin Growth?

While not all skin growths are cancerous, they can have potential to become bothersome or cancerous in the future. If you are simply unhappy with the appearance of your skin growth, then removal is a viable option. You don’t have to live with a skin growth if you don’t want to or if it’s impacting your quality of life.

At Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, we are devoted to providing you exceptional, high-quality care that helps you reach your health, skincare, and cosmetic goals.

If you are concerned about a skin growth and want to know more about how skin growth removal surgery can help you, call our office today at (301) 610-0663 or schedule your consultation online with Aesthetic & Dermatology Center!

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