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Clinical Trials

One of the premier services that we offer at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center is the opportunity to have access to the most recent advancements in dermatological treatments. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, innovative care to all of our patients, and clinical trials afford us and our patients the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest revolutionary treatments.

Clinical trials are research programs and experiments conducted with the purpose of evaluating the development of new treatments, drugs, and medical devices. During clinical trials, participants receive the highest-quality care while we evaluate the new treatment to determine whether it is as effective as current treatments. Treatment options are thoroughly tested in laboratory settings before being studied on humans.

As with any new treatment, there may be potential risks and side effects involved as well as the possible benefits. Your board-certified dermatologist at Aesthetic & Dermatology Center will inform you of any issues that may arise due to your participation and help you assess these risks to determine if you are an eligible candidate for one of our trials.

There are also advantages to participating in a clinical trial. Other than receiving the latest revolutionary treatments, you may also be contributing to valuable medical research and the development of new procedures and treatments. As a qualified participant, you will receive study-related medications, products, and examinations at no cost, and you may also qualify for compensation for time and travel.

The goal of all clinical trials is to grow and develop knowledge that improves human health and increases the comprehension of the human body. As clinical trials are conducted on people, all trials are required to follow a code of ethics and regulations to ensure that volunteer participants are not being exploited and also to guarantee the integrity of the scientific data collected through the study.

If you’re interested in participating in a clinical trial, call our office today at (301) 610-0663 to determine whether you are eligible for our current trials.